Member of the Pieter Smit Group

Welcome to Nightliner Support




Nightliner Support is part of Pieter Smit Group and is located in Aarschot Belgium. Our mission is to make touring through Europe as comfortable as possible.


The company was founded in 2003 as Nightliner Rental, became Central Production in April 2006 and in the summer of 2008 was taken over by Nightliner Support.

Our main business departement consists of a large fleet of Nightliner sleeper buses varying from 10 to 18 bunks. All buses are leather furnitured and equipped with state of the art technology like Blu Ray Cinema, bluetooth, LED lights, microwave, a variety of fridges, a well equipped kitchen, shower and bathroom facilities.

A sleeper bus ain’t a sleeper bus without outstanding sleeping facilities. Our buses have the largest beds on the road and are equiped with the best mattresses for a good night’s sleep.

Apart from the sleeper buses, our second department can also offer transport solutions for your tour in terms of trucks, mini-trucks, vans and trailers.

Our third in-house division supplies container-storage and cargo-handling.





Last but not least, our network of very reliable partners can also take care of all your other transport needs such as taxi-flights, transportation by limousine etc.

We are a flexible company who can provide tailor-made solutions to meet our clients needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular requirements or to request a quotation.

Nightliner Support and Pieter Smit are Eco friendly companies. To save our planet and costs we use eco friendly Euro 5 engines with low emissions.

We hope to see your artists, performers, or (production) crew soon on our Nightliners!